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Years after Texas backed off HPV vaccine mandate, cervical cancer rate soars

Texas and Australia took two very different paths in 2007. And the difference is unbelievable. Continue to Article

updated: 3 weeks ago

Stopping the Anxiety of HPV

How a woman found emotional support after an HPV diagnosis. Continue to Article

updated: 1 month ago

Study: HPV Vaccine Works

A new meta-analysis published in The Lancet in June shows the HPV vaccine is very effective and is expected to lower the rate of cervical and other related cancers.

The researchers reviewed data from 60 million young men and women in 14 high-income nations, with up to 8 years of post-vaccination follow-up. Continue to the Cape Cod Health News Article.

updated: 1 month ago

Cancer and the Transgender Community

New, but limited, research suggests that the burden of cancer disproportionately affects sexual and gender minorities disproportionately more than their heterosexual counterparts. Continue to Article

updated: 1 month ago

British boys will receive HPV vaccine to prevent 'thousands of cancers'

London (CNN)Boys aged 12 and 13 will be offered the HPV vaccine in all British schools from September, in a move health officials say will prevent thousands of cancer cases. Continue to Article

updated: 3 months ago

Wrong information creating ‘dangerous screening gap’ in cervical cancer

NHS England is warning that the misconception that lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) women are not at risk of cervical cancer is putting 50,000 LGB women at risk.

The ‘fake news’ has created a dangerous screening gap, as the affected women have never been for a cervical cancer screening test because they wrongly think they are not at risk.

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updated: 3 months ago

End cervical cancer? The HPV vaccine could do it, study suggests

More than 10 years after it became widely available to the public, a recent analysis of prior studies confirms one thing: The HPV vaccine may be a lifesaver. It could even lead to the outright eradication of cervical cancer. Continue to Article

updated: 1 month ago

KIDS' HEALTH HPV vaccine benefits 'exceed expectations,' may lead to elimination of cervical cancer

updated: 3 months ago

HPV Vaccines are Reducing Infections, Warts-- Probably Cancer

updated: 3 months ago

How to talk to parents about HPV vaccines

Fred Hutch public health researcher shares science-based tips to help doctors navigate crucial cancer-prevention conversations Article

updated: 3 months ago