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Cervical Cancer

With Vaccination and Screening, Cervical Cancer Could All But Disappear in North America by 2040

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Cervical Cancer Mortality Rises as Women's Health Clinics Close

Cervical cancer declined dramatically in recent years in the United States, both in incidence and mortality, due to widespread availability of screening. But now researchers are reporting a trend toward more women being diagnosed with late-stage disease and significantly increased mortality.

The trend follows the closure of nearly 100 women's health clinics across the country from 2010 to 2013. This has led to an associated decrease in screening for cervical cancer and fewer women being diagnosed with early-stage disease

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Fighting the Good Fight Against HPV and Cervical Cancer

An Indianapolis family advocates for HPV vaccination after losing their daughter to cervical cancer.

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Wrong information creating ‘dangerous screening gap’ in cervical cancer

NHS England is warning that the misconception that lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) women are not at risk of cervical cancer is putting 50,000 LGB women at risk.

The ‘fake news’ has created a dangerous screening gap, as the affected women have never been for a cervical cancer screening test because they wrongly think they are not at risk.

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When is HPV a Problem?

There are more than 200 types of human papillomavirus, or HPV, about 40 of which can be spread sexually. The Gardasil vaccine, which is given to both men and women, protects a person from seven of the most high-risk (cancer-causing) types of HPV, as well as the two types that cause most genital warts. Most people who contract HPV will get rid of the virus on their own, but those who don’t are at risk for cancer and genital warts. This vaccine is vital in the war against HPV.

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Addressing Cervical Cancer Globally Requires Scaling Up HPV Vaccination, Expanding Screening, Treatment For Women

We Have the Resources to Prevent Cervical Cancer. Do We Have the Will?
“…Although cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer for women globally, claiming more lives than pregnancy and childbirth, we can save those lives if we can only summon the will. Health experts say that the battle against cervical cancer has two fronts. First, we need to scale up HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer. Second, we need to expand screening and treatment for women now in danger. These are relatively affordable, straightforward interventions that can make a big difference in a lot of lives.

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Rwanda has fought to stamp out cervical cancer – they might just be the first country to do it

As Rwanda gears up for a new round of vaccinations later this year, the immunologist responsible for the vaccine that has saved so many women’s lives believes the world cannot be complacent. “You can’t be happy until everyone has been vaccinated,” Frazer says.

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Detect Cervical Cancer

Researchers have developed a computer algorithm that they say can analyze digital images of a woman’s cervix and accurately identify precancerous changes that require medical attention. This artificial intelligence approach, called automated visual evaluation, has the potential to revolutionize cervical cancer screening, particularly in low-resource settings.

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Women With Select Subtypes of HPV at Higher Risk for Developing High-Grade Cervical Cancer

The nested case-control Swedish study, published in Cancer, found that the presence of specific subtypes of HPV, namely HPV-16 and -18, were associated with a higher risk of developing high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) in women under the age of 30.

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Hokies and Hoos take on cervical cancer treatment

Virginia Tech scientist Tim Long and University of Virginia oncologist Tim Showalter have teamed up to find a solution to alleviate stress and discomfort for women during cancer treatment.

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