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Norm Coleman Advocates For HPV Vaccine Amid Cancer Battle

Former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman is sharing a message of strength and awareness during his second battle with cancer.

“The cancer I have is caused by a virus,” Coleman said. “You can get a vaccination to prevent you from getting the HPV virus today.”

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A Cure for HPV? Evaluating HPV Treatment Options

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Black Women in Alabama Dying of Preventable Cancer at Alarming Rate

Cervical cancer, a disease researchers believe is on track to be eradicated within 20 years in some industrialized nations, is killing a disproportionate number of women across the American south.

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ASCO Critiques Guideline for HPV Testing in Head and Neck Cancer

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CervicalCheck controversy helping to improve uptake of HPV vaccine

Publicity surrounding the CervicalCheck screening programme is helping increase the uptake of the HPV vaccine, a conference has heard.

Prof Mary Horgan, president of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, said it was heartening to see the uptake of the vaccine now moving back towards previous levels.

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At-home HPV tests could be powerful tool for hard-to-reach U.S. women

Screening women for HPV, or human papillomavirus, is a promising way to help detect cervical cancer early, but many at-risk women go without screening for the virus and without Pap tests that look for abnormal cells on the cervix.

A new study from The Ohio State University found that mailing at-home HPV tests to hard-to-reach women may be a viable approach, one that could be especially helpful in regions such as Appalachia, where access to women’s health care can be limited.

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Australia is about to eradicate cervical cancer, US is nowhere close. What'll it take?

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The American Dermatological Association Co-Sponsors American Cancer Society's HPV Vaccine Policy

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Fear of encouraging sexual activity is not a common reason why parents avoid immunizing their kids against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus, according to a new survey analysis.

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10 myths about HPV

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