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HPV and oral sex: You want me to discuss what with my patients?!

Do you remember when smoking cessation discussions were the most difficult conversations we had with our patients? Do you recall the first battles we had discussing the harmful effects of chewing tobacco? The discussion of smoking and chewing as risk factors for oral cancer have become, for many of us, as common as discussing the effects of bacteria in periodontal disease. In the 21st century, smoking and chewing are among the easier topics we have to discuss with our patients. The human papillomavirus (HPV) has changed the way we look at cancer risk and detection, making patient education a bit more complicated.

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‘Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic’--now available at home!

lsquoSomeone You Love The HPV Epidemicrsquonow available at home

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Don't miss aerial photos from the Run 4 Your Life!

Don039t miss aerial photos from the Run 4 Your Life
Thank you, Force 4 Photography, for the amazing aerial shots of the Run 4 your Life. Order/download your copy today!

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Bringing HPV Vaccine Awareness To The Upper Cape

Local nonprofit Team Maureen and the Falmouth Hospital Cancer Committee have joined together to raise awareness about the human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer and certain cancers of the mouth and throat, and to increase the vaccination rates for the HPV vaccine on the Upper Cape.

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Dr. Fishbein on HPV and cervical cancer

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Cervivor School

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‘Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic’ To Air At Falmouth Cinema Pub

Local nonprofit Team Maureen will host a screening of “Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic,” which documents the stories of five women diagnosed with cervical cancer on Monday, January 5, at 6 PM at the Falmouth Cinema Pub.

The documentary provides a different avenue to talk about the disease.

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Lady Ganga--

When her doctors told her that she only had a few months to live, Michele Baldwin decided to do just that.

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Amazing journey: Cervical cancer film project turns into two

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Blogging together to end cervical cancer

A new logo, a new website, new staff, new board members.....looking forward with excitement and purpose!

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